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The First step in attaining wisdom is admitting that you know nothing...

“Eyes. Those damn eyes fucked me forever.”

—   Charles Bukowski   (via the-lyrics-speak-for-me)

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What your coffee says about you.
Which is your favourite?


What your coffee says about you.

Which is your favourite?

The Stranger

You’re dear to me,

I have not realized it

Then I see the Stranger.

His laughter

My wrath, my detest.

Your smile,

Our delight

I have not grasped

These feelings.

I’m in the deep end

In the dark

A floating candle

Wandering without a compass

A guide,

Only ripples

Splashes of anger


A convoy for my heart

Awaiting its deliverance.

I see the pleasures

In loving you

The only light

Guiding me out.

Yet there remains

A lingering fear

Of a waning desire

Dominating my being


Averting all notions,

All attempts at

Happiness, Wholeness

And still

Standing in my view

The Stranger

Caressing your hand

Like evening tides

Embracing sandy beaches.

Comforting sounds

The splashing, his voice.

I witness them

Soothe your soul

Cast out your pain

Uplifting, strengthening

Able to breathe again,

to love again

All the while

I’m sitting still

Pathetic, terrified

I’m losing you.

Then for a moment

Your glossy eyes,

Enchanting windows,

Peer into mine.

What do you see,

My Love, my Fury,

My childish nature?

I’m only a boy

Seeking a companion,

Adventure in life

Before the end.

I hold

In my hands

Your pocket watch

My treasure, a reminder.

I once said

I’m the White Rabbit;

you laughed, I smiled


Let the White Rabbit end his journey.

And for Christ’s sake

Don’t fall for the Stranger.


        sit and stare

At the remnants of my heart

That I’ve patched and repaired

From the Chaos I continue to toss to.

That’s all I can do

        sit and stare

As I watch each beat,

Each electric jolt

slowly fade.

I toss it again

To the Woman

Whom my Passions,

My art, My inspiration derive.

She has on her mits

And a raging spell.


       sit and stare

as She hits and

She hits

kicks scratches bites

my Life, my Love

Bells ring

the Chaos stops

I’m left there again

Patching and stitching

The remnants of my heart.

That’s all I can do

Prepare for round two.



She sits with the flowers

Kissing them with her nose

She is one among them

As her beauty well shows

Her green dress is

That which gives her life

The violet and red buds

Glisten with the leaf

Her smile outshines them

Like Cannas in the snow

The Bleeding Hearts will wither

As She and I will know

The secrets of her passions

and Her love has yet to show

As I await for winter

So the story goes







These are… actually pretty inspiring.


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“you are never taller than when you stand up for yourself”

thats just awesome

“You’re the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success; F***ING ACT LIKE IT.”

My fave right there.

When life gets harder, you must have just leveled up.

Inspirational fucking post right there.


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An Interview with 281_Anti Nuke: The Japanese Banksy»  (Source: newyorker)


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A New Beginning  |  Pawel Matys